About Us

The company Demi Works specializes in designing and manufacturing original body accessories for RC (Radio Control) models. The passion for modeling and automotive technology has come together to provide RC enthusiasts with unique and high-quality products related to the modeling hobby.

We prioritize innovation and uniqueness in our products, setting Demi Works apart in the RC model accessories market.

Demi Works’ offerings include a wide range of products such as body extensions, spoilers, bumpers, air diffusers, and other body elements, all meticulously designed and crafted with the highest precision. Our accessories come in various styles, allowing customers to customize the appearance and characteristics of their RC models according to their preferences.

As a customer-oriented company, we ensure that our accessories are easy to install, enabling even beginners to enjoy personalizing their models.

We believe that our products will not only meet the expectations of the most demanding customers but also contribute to the development and popularity of the modeling hobby. Demi Works – Your partner in customizing and enhancing RC models.